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June 1 2020

Castagnola Heritage 9.9: a jewel with a wooden soul.

A real jewel born from the fusion between the skilful art of shaping the yard's wood Castagnola Yacht and the fine aesthetic taste of Nauta Design.

The hull is built using the technique patented by the named shipyard Wood in Tech Skin , which combines the technique of strip planking in mahogany infused with carbon fibers.

The craftsmanship of the construction site was supported by a structural study that allowed to cut the numerically controlled woods, ensuring maximum precision during the assembly of the pieces and the control of weights and structural efficiency.

The extreme attention to the containment of weights, also by means of finite element analysis, will make this unit touch speeds of over 40 knots, despite the reduced installed power, all in extreme comfort.

Currently being completed, delivery is expected in July.

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Castagnola yacht (Heritage 9.9)

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