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naval architecture

Style and precision in naval architecture

Naval architecture is the key point of the project: the correct definition of all aspects of this field is fundamental for the success of the entire design process.

NAMES has acquired extensive experience in the field of naval architecture, developing the various aspects for boat projects that have distinguished the reference market in recent years.

The study deepened a complete internal knowledge of hydrodynamics of the different forms of hull, of the use of building materials and of the various propulsion systems.

A team of experts guarantees the customer full support at any stage of a project, from feasibility analysis to detailed weight, stability or performance forecasts before executive design.

NAMES also directly supervises the inspections and tests necessary during the construction, commissioning and subsequent operation of the yacht.

With projects ranging from 9 to over 100 meters, NAMES considers each consultancy as a new challenge to fully satisfy the Customer's requests.

NAMES collaborates continuously with sector research institutes and specialized consultancy companies in order to be able to offer, also thanks to the use of constantly updated softwares, the best design result to its Customers.


Engineering is our Attitude

The business philosophy of NAMES consists in dedicating completely to the definition of the general construction of the ship.

The best specialists in the sector supervise the on-board integration of the various structural, plant and outfitting components: a work chain in full compliance with the requirements of the Classification Bodies and Flag Authorities, as well as the requests of the Client.

NAMES uses dedicated software for specific topics, such as FEM analysis for both global structures and local reinforcements of the boat, or CFD simulations for the optimization of the hull shapes and the verification of its performance.

The detailed engineering can be performed in-house, or by specialized external collaborators, always under the supervision and full responsibility of the firm.

Whether it's propulsion systems, hydraulic systems or structures, NAMES considers simplicity to be a fundamental requirement for their design.


Consulting and Support to your Projects

NAMES makes available to its Customers the knowledge gained in the nautical sector, offering a wide range of technical support services during the process of setting up, building and subsequently managing the yacht.

Over the years, the studio team has refined the duties related to the activity of “Shipowner Representative”, in various new construction and refit projects.

Furthermore, very important activity is the technical support to some of the most important exterior and interior Design companies in the world in the definition of new projects and in the preparation of bidding packages.